Monthly Best-Sellers –– Feb ’19

Jan 8th 2019 – Feb 7th 2019

It's best-seller time!

It's only the third time I've done this and the second post here on the website, but I already love it! It's fun for me to look back and see what books are selling well, which ones are being read, what are the Kindle Unlimited winners.

Last's month chart is here.

Today is launch day for the A Boy Lost series first four books and the combined edition (all four books in one package). So will they feature in next month's list? I sure hope so. With now over thirty titles to choose from, I'm going to extend the list to the top seven in both categories (maybe I'll make it the top ten by the time The Song Birds comes out and my titles number around forty).

These figures are for the dates between Jan 8th and Feb 7th and the brackets after each book signify the change from last month's position, a (-) meaning the book is unchanged, and a (++) means it is a new entry into the chart.

Paperback sales or eBook downloads:

1) The Meltdown (-)
2) The Menace (+1)
3) Tim Heath Thriller Boxset (++)
4) The Pride (++)
5) The Prey (-3)
6) Those Geese, They Lied; He's Dead (++)
7) The Tablet (++)

Comment: The Meltdown holds onto its top position two months after being released. Titles within The Hunt series took all five spots last month, and they were helped by a school buying the series this month. The Pride had been the book that had missed out last month from the series (when I listed the top five books, only) but makes a climb to #4 this month. I plan to start advertising significantly before next month's list is published, and I would except The Prey to climb as a result. Will that be enough for #1, or will today's release with a full month to go until the next chart update mean it charges into pole position? And before we get to the KENP chart below, last month's chart-topper there has also climbed into #3 spot on the sales chart. Are these linked? And can it retain its #1 spot in the KENP chart (I literally haven't clicked that button yet, so while I write this, I don't know!). Let's see…

Well done to our winner, anyhow. Second month in a row. Can it make it a third time next month?

Best-seller between Jan 8th and Feb 7th 2019

KENP Chart:

Page reads have been steady this month, so I'm keen to see what you've been reading. Last month two boxsets controlled the leaderboard. There are now six boxsets in total, with another being added next month. Will these titles start to dominate as time goes by?

1) Tim Heath Thriller Boxset (-)
2) The Hunt series Books 4-6 (++)
3) The Prey (+2)
4) Cherry Picking (++)
5) The Meltdown (-2)
6) The Penn Friends Series Books 1-4 (++)
7) The Pride (++)

Comment: It's clearly been a strong month for my four-book stand-alone thriller collection. Not only the most read title of mine in Kindle Unlimited, but it took the third spot in the sales chart. Last month's second The Hunt series Books 1-3 didn't even feature, but the follow-on boxset did, taking second place. Do I assume the readers who enjoyed that last month all moved onto the second boxset this month? I think that's a fair assumption to make. I'm happy. And I'll be interested to see what happens next month, with The Prey (the series starter) in at #3, The Pride (book two in the series) at #7.

In fairness, this chart could probably benefit next month with the top ten titles, not just seven, as a much wider spread of books are read in this program.

And an honourable mention to #6, the first time one of my T H Paul titles have made the list. That is the series starter for Season One. With Season Two kicking off today with my launch (which I'll get on with as soon as this is finished and posted) I wonder what impact these titles will have on next month's charts.

Surely both titles can't win both charts again, can they?

Well done to the winner!

4 Full-Length, Stand-Alone Thrillers––the most number of pages read over the last 30 days

Thanks for reading. I really love putting these charts together (I'm a numbers and stats man, too) and I hope you find something that spikes your interest, also. Maybe a book title you haven't yet read? Until next month!