Those Geese, They Lied; He’s Dead

A Series of Short Stories:

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The six-word story.

Ernest Hemingway—erroneously as it turns out—often gets credited with maybe one of the most well-known ones;

For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

Some years ago (I forget now, though the original phrase has always stuck with me) I came up with my very own six-word story. It forms the title of this book, the reason this book now exists.

I’ll leave the exact story of how the phrase came about for maybe another occasion—it’s loosely fitted into my second account, anyway—and just let the words speak for themselves.
I hope you enjoy this—the first volume—something which might grow over the years, let’s see.

Best of the Reviews:

★★★★★ Great read
Just finished this lovely offering and really pleased and excited by it! I love the way that the author kept me guessing and although it was short it more than did the job. Short stories have never really been my cup of tea but I am making an exception now and look forward to more from Tim.
Well done and get some more out here please!!!!!

★★★★ Those Geese
Enjoyable as they were, I wanted to know more about the first story. It didn't seem finished as I wanted to know why he was in prison, did he get the brother?  The second story was better in my opinion, I got the message it conveyed. Look forward to volume two.

★★★★ Worth a read
A different approach from Tim Heath with this, the first of his volumes of short stories.
Easy reading and worth a try, although I have to say I prefer his mainstream work.

★★★★★ A series by Tim Heath
I enjoyed the short stories and Tim's style of writing. I will certainly read more by this author. Thanks Tim.

★★★★★ Really enjoyed reading these short stories.
Really enjoyed reading these short stories. Kept me gripped. Wished there had been more in the book. Didn't want to finish it. Can't wait for next book. Well done Tim.

★★★★★ Great title, great story, great author
Loved the story but without giving anything away I especially loved the way it all came together with the title

★★★★★ Great read
Very intriguing book and I thoroughly enjoyed it.