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The Last Five Posts

  • There Is No F In Creativity
    Welcome to the new era! If you have recently followed my website after my withdrawal from social media, then hello! I will share at the end of this post my latest news – something exciting happened yesterday – but want to kick off the year with a magazine style post. From time to time I will do things like this. Discussing aspects of me, aspects of writing. Articles as opposed to updates. One I want to
  • Best Reviews – 2022
    2022 has been an encouraging year for new reviews. Here's a look at the best one from around the world…
  • Talking… Books #1
    What to expect… what's written and waiting? What's brewing?
  • Reader Map #1
    This week I wanted to do a fun post looking at where my readers have so far let me they are reading from! It's everywhere! So, where are the most exotic sounding places? Where are the places I've been to? Where might I have lived? I recently updated the reader map page so that's it's now super easy to tell me where you are reading. Remember, when you next go on holiday, take my book with
  • Talking…. Movies! #1
    I'm so excited to finally be talking about the screenwriting side of things. I mean, my website does say Author & Screenwriter. I've actually written three scripts already, with the fourth one due to be finished next week. So I'm making progress. I've just never talked about them. Until now, that is. I've even started entering the first one I finished into Hollywood competitions… and it's done well in two so far. More on that in