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The Last Five Posts

  • Twenty-Nine… And Out?
    My latest thriller released today! Yet, is it my last? The easiest answer to that one is no. Because I have another book of Seriously Smart Shorts in the making which I'm halfway through (this is a result of an after-school club I run with primary-aged children). When that is ready later this year, it'll become my 30th title. However, if I ask myself when will my next thriller (or dystopian?) novel be released, that one
  • An Honest and Brutal Reflection on the Publishing World in 2023
    Picture the scene… It's early 20th century, London. A street seller is holding the final edition of the day's Evening Standard, several hundred newspapers fresh off the press and packed with the day's latest news for Londoners to read on their commute home. “Standard, get your Evening Standard!” the seller calls out above the sound of the horse drawn carriages and light foot traffic. Let's imagine the same street, the same part of London, but flashing
  • May The First Be With You!
    It's the first of a new month (at the time of writing this, not necessarily the time you are reading!). In Estonia, it's also the first day of a new season, summer! Summers are long and light this far north, and they are designed that way to make us forget about the winters here (which are even longer, even darker and cold)! I've always liked the first of a new month. I got married on a
  • And so, this just happened… :-\
    My adventure into working with a publisher has run its course.
  • There Is No F In Creativity
    Welcome to the new era! If you have recently followed my website after my withdrawal from social media, then hello! I will share at the end of this post my latest news – something exciting happened yesterday – but want to kick off the year with a magazine style post. From time to time I will do things like this. Discussing aspects of me, aspects of writing. Articles as opposed to updates. One I want to