Monthly Best-Sellers –– September ’19

August 8th – September 7th 2019

It's back! The best-seller post from the last thirty days. I took a month off from these posts in August, so the last one was this one from July.

It's also not the 7th of the month today, but I did take the figures from Saturday––I'm just writing this post in the working week, is all.

These figures are for the dates between August 8th and September 7th and the brackets after each book signify the change from last month’s position, a (-) meaning the book is unchanged, and a (++) means it is a new entry into the chart.

Paperback sales or eBook downloads:

1) The Prey (+1)
2) A Boy Lost Vol 1 (++)
3) Penn Friends Vol 1 (++)
4) The Pride (-1)
5) Those Geese, They Lied; He's Dead (-1)
6) The Last Prophet (++)
7) Penn Friends Vol 2 (++)
8) The Machine (+1)
9) The Shadow Man (++)
10) A Boy Lost Vol 2 (++)

Comment: That first book in The Hunt series was the runaway winner this month, getting more than six times the downloads of the second-placed book. I'm pleased to see later books in the series doing well, two making the top ten. Readers must like what they read! More on this below. In August, for my latest (and big) birthday, I did what I called the crazy sale, discounting most of my titles in a manner that seemed more like I had lost my mind than anything else. I'm thrilled therefore to see all four of my T H Paul titles make the top ten this month. I think that's a first. I really hope my readers are now seeing how clever these four titles are once read in sequence. Did you guess? Did you see it coming? In total, six of the ten titles were new this month (they were not top ten in July). And none of the thriller boxsets was in sight, though I'm sure in the KENP reads, they'll still feature.

Now, as I congratulate this month's winner, a word about reviews. Over the last ninety days, The Prey has had over 1,000 downloads, with at least 77 copies of later books in the series also downloaded. During the same period on the four main Amazon websites (USA, UK, Canada and Australia) this title has received a combined total of 1 review (well done the USA)! It's possible, of course, that most of the 1,000 have not yet finished––but plenty did (and liked it, I assume, given they carry on reading). Please remember to review the books you read and love. It really does help.

KENP Chart:

1) Tim Heath Thriller Boxset (-)
2) The Hunt series Books 1-3 (+6)
3) The Meltdown (+7)
4) The Prey (+1)
5) The Pride (+1)
6) The Machine (+3)
7) The Menace (++)
8) The Poison (-4)
9) The Song Birds (-7)
10) The Last Prophet (++)

Comment: It stays at the top again! No wonder why it's an international best-seller! Plus all six individual books in the series also feature, not to mention my latest release, albeit dropping to number nine.

Five months at the top for the winner!

My most read title in KU in the last 30 days

Charts by country:

1) USA (+2)
2) UK (-)
3) Canada (++)
4) Germany (++)
5) Australia (-1)
6) India (++)
7) Brazil (++)
8) Spain (++)
9) Netherlands (++)
10) Japan (++)
11) Italy (++)
12) Mexico (++)

1) UK (-)
2) USA (+1)
3) Australia (+1)
4) Canada (-2)
5) Germany (+1)
6) India (++)

Oh, I realise I forgot about local paperback sales, meaning Estonia (and certainly The Song Birds) missed out somewhat on these charts. I don't want to go back and change things now––these are therefore the online sales figures!

Last 90 Days:

1) The Prey
2) A Boy Lost Vol 1
3) Penn Friends Vol 1
4) The Pride
5) Those Geese, They Lied; He's Dead


1) Tim Heath Thriller Boxset
2) The Song Birds
3) The Prey
4) The Hunt series Books 1-3
5) The Poison

The top five in the ninety-day chart is the top five in this month's chart––strong numbers these last thirty days have been enough to push them to the top.

What will happen next month?