The Machine

Book Four in The Hunt series

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Published: 6th April 2018
Publisher: HCP

It's an election, like any other…

Except that to lose means death.

The Games have been destroyed, but lurking in the shadows is a movement even more sinister. A new power is rising, outside the reach of even the Kremlin.

Enter the world of The Machine

MI6's Alex and Anissa are getting closer, but their unsolved case list is growing. Tensions start to rise for the British agents who have got so far in their pursuit of the oligarchs behind it all.

The upcoming Russian vote is proving to be the tightest contest in modern history—only one man can win, yet no one is backing down.

For fans of The Hunger Games series, as well as an espionage/military-style action-adventure thriller, The Hunt series is a can't-miss new series!

★★★★★ Oligarchs fight for power and influence in this fast-moving thriller.

The Russian Presidential elections are approaching and would-be candidates will stop at nothing to win. This book is full of murder, intrigue and unexpected plot twists And can MI6 foil a terrorist attack in Tallinn and find out what is going on? This is a really exciting read.