And So, It Begins…

Things are changing, and I don't just mean on my Twitter account, which I joined nearly nine years ago.

For starters, my website has had a great makeover, and I think it looks fit for the part it has to play going forward, which is a huge one…

This is going to be my number one place for content from now on (I don't include the books themselves, which is also content). There is going to be so much to share!

The era of social media has come to an end. It's been a long time coming.

Today, my main Twitter account had 20,400 followers –– now it has gone!

Sorry to see you go, they said. Ha. As if. #GoodBye.

#GoodRiddance, more like.

I've deleted Twitter!

It had little to do with the new owner (okay, that certainly didn't help). And they won't be the only ones.

I'm coming off all social media in January, personal and professional. Today was just the first tremor.

But Why?

You might be screaming in madness. Has he gone insane? You might be celebrating my decision, wondering if you could be so brave. Either way, I'm going to explain a little now, more over the coming weeks.

Social media has turned toxic. Not only does BigTech not care about us anymore (Hum: Did they ever care about us?) but they've changed this product from something useful, to each user just being a product for them to sell to advertisers.

Facebook, Instagram… these just don't work any more.

There is noting social about it either. It's the very opposite.

So, I've finally had enough. I'm far from the first, and I know I'm not the last. Twitter was just the easy one for starters.

If it wasn't for their greed, I would be using these platforms more. Instead, I will focus on my website and my newsletter. Reaching followers who find me in these places. This is our space, untainted by BigTech and their greed for money.

In fact, I would like to start my own movement. I'll even give it a hashtag, which I'll never see used, as I'm not on these platforms.


It'll celebrate everyone who quits social media, like I am doing, and who, instead, invests in normal connections with people. It'll run every year from 10th January until 20th December (let's give people a rest over Christmas, shall we?) where we encourage the world to quit social media. To stop being the products, to stop BigTech using them for profit.

To stop playing by their games.

So happy Big Quit 2023! I'm even going to allow comments on this post so that, in time, if anyone wants to join the movement, you have somewhere to comment. I will know! We can laugh into the night for this part of your life (and, for some, it's a huge part) that you've clawed back for your own.

How will you still hear from me, you might be asking (I know you're not… but someone, somewhere might one day think this. I live in hope). Well, I've made that super easy. You can follow me, and I've put the details of how to do this right here. I signed up myself yesterday, so when I post this, it should send it to me on email, as I requested it did. And if you sign up, it'll do the same for you too.

Why? Because this website is mine, free of adverts, free of other distractions. When you are on it, you'll see what you came here to see. Nothing less. That is not the case for social media anymore. They only now show you what they want you to see. What they are being paid to make you see.

I'm going to make a point of sharing here far more frequently. Talking about real life, about real things. I'm continuing my journey as an author on here, and here only. When that first film deal gets announced, it'll be here where I talk about that. That first visit to the film set. That book going global.

Right here.

Not some post online which only a small handful of you ever get to see. Right here, where, if you want to see something, then you will see it.

No missing out.

In my wildest dreams, I don't imagine many people will follow me. I'm not that important. Probably not that interesting. But if you are here, then you've come. You've found me. Why not stick around? Why not say hello? If you are one of my readers, you are most welcome! This is why I'm doing this.

That, and my mental health. I'll save that for another post.

So welcome to the adventure! 2023 promises the unknown. I'll be sure to make my countdown on social media more clear. I plan on doing it over the first 10 days of January. Giving anyone who wants the chance to see it, to hear from me, to know where to find me.

I don't expect BigTech to make that easy. Why would they? I'm not paying them too, after all.

At least I'll know I will be free.

Before You Go

Do check out the blog, signing up for if you can. It's a cool application, it's super easy, and you'll find more use for it than just my website, I promise. Also, check out my reader map. It's now easier than ever to tell me where you are reading my books. I even added Stevenage to the map just this morning because someone used the form for the first time! Have a look at my books page too. I've made some big changes, and the covers for the new series look so good together. You'll even see the new cover for The Acting President, which launches tomorrow! No one else has seen that cover yet.

And, if in time, you do discover the need to quit antisocial media, then well done to you! Come around here and we can celebrate together!

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