Reader Map

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(Page Updated: May 18th 2021)

I thought it would be a cool idea to start the new year (map begins in 2021, only eight years into my author career with tens of thousands of readers already) by asking you to tell me where you are reading each book (so if you take your device somewhere else, that counts too). Wouldn't it be great to see every continent represented, then every country… perhaps every state, every city…

My website doesn't currently allow me to embed the live map, so a link will have to do. The BLUE pins are CITIES and the ORANGE pins are COUNTRIES.

All of the static maps on this page were screenshot and updated last on the date shown at the top of this page. For the latest updated map visit and to zoom in:

By Region:

Europe is beginning to fill out nicely, though there are plenty of places missing…
Africa… that vast plain. Only South Africa showing so far