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Tim’s novels (in the order they were published):

Nigel Gamble is a man with everything – including a dark past. He took his name from his early business successes, but in reality, none of it was based on risk – only…  
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John awakes to find himself in a hospital bed with no memory of how he got there. Then the visions start. Destruction and death. A last chance… 
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William Hackett finds himself in a system he doesn't understand. He's accused of a crime and the Russians want blood. His.
Somehow this peaceful father killed

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On the day the Chinese announce the opening of a state-of-the-art nuclear power station––decades in the making––three British spies disappear. Coincidence, or retribution?
With scores

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Would you take the bait?

Dropped into the middle of St Petersburg, handed a lottery ticket worth millions––life-changing money––would you run?…
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Who said anything was ever fair?

Billionaires don’t easily fall––unless they are up against another oligarch.
With the Games at their ten-year celebration, the rules are reset

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Would you kill in order to win?

The Games reach their climax––for some it’s a way to stay in power, for others it's just one more thing to be destroyed.
With the Russian Presidential vote…

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Why are death and power always synonymous?

The Games have been destroyed––can anyone stop him now?
Lurking in the backdrop is a movement of greater threat

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A new leader. Many old dangers. One true Menace.

The dust settles on an election result. A new era beckons.
Can anyone stop him now––would they be
foolish enough to try?

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An uncontrollable president. Three unflinching agents. One epic finale.

The threat is not the foreign invader, but the danger within. Now they need silencing.
Who dares stop him?

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Four Random Strangers.

On the first night of the 27th Estonian Song Festival, an unknown terrorist detonates a hybrid smart-bomb which, for five dreadful seconds
rips a ten-foot hole in the
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What Would Russia Look Like With A Female President?

Her nation stands at a precipice, but are they ready to usher a woman into the Kremlin? Will she allow anybody to stop her?…

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One Impregnable Prison. One Doomed Agent. One Desperate Idea.

Alex, the captured MI6 agent, is in Russia’s most secure and dangerous prison–forgotten, lost, desperate. For all he knows…

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The Friends. The Foes. The Threats.

All worlds collide in this gripping series finale!
Russia stands on the brink of a new era––their President riding high in popularity, and this no longer merely…

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What if life had a use-by date?

A New World Council runs the planet, a perfect world in their view, where everyone and everything has a time and place––even death.

Through medical…
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