Can You Write With Things On Your Mind?

To answer my title – for me, no.

Progress has been a little slow on my latest WIP, as have these updates.  In the middle of February my word count had jumped to 22,529.  Now on 5th March it's at (just) 27,958.  Hopefully I'm getting some of that focus back.  Surely things will flow again this month.  Maybe I'll even finish the first draft before April, bearing in mind I managed to draft The Tablet in just thirteen writing days, and March offers at least another 8 days to add to my progress so far.  So maybe.

But I want to look at the question I raise as my title subject – as a writer, is time all you need to be able to write?  Maybe for some, that's all you need.  Having been a part time writer for some time, my time carved out already, for me that isn't always the case.  Time, and physical space isn't always enough.

Two weeks ago there was some news that came to us.  Finances would take a hit in the future.  Something needed sorting.  In that context, I didn't have the mental space to write.  Yes, I had the time (and a quiet home) but I knew I needed to fight for the finances before wrestling with the words of a future novel.  Needs must.

What about you?  What limits your creative flow?  Maybe nothing does – share me your secrets please!

Anyway, writing for The Shadow Man is (hopefully) back on track.  I even managed to kill of a character today.