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Six Days, Seven Years

The Road To Becoming An International Best-Selling Author

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Thirty-five. 35!

A post celebrating Tim reaching thirty-five unique titles

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1,000,000 words, and counting.

It takes 1,000,000 words to find your voice.

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The Three Types of Reader

One of the things that often gets talked about for authors is this; know your readership. This isn’t going to be a post about that! There is already a lot that has been said on the subject, and much of

How to Best Sell Books

I want to be an advocate for change in the writing world, particularly amongst my fellow independent authors. Not necessarily a change in what we do––though that may come––but in how we think.  Let me explain. Since my revelation back

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How To Train Your Readers––Part 2

This will be a short post, based on something really interesting I heard yesterday, something that adds to my whole #BooksAreNeverFree mindset. If you missed Part 1, you can catch that here. Yesterday I did the school run (as usual)

How To Train Your Readers––Part 1

Welcome back to this evolving mindset. We’re in part one because, well to be honest, this will be an ever-growing knowledge base. As I test and try new things, as well as you, my fellow authors (and readers, if you

24 Hours Later

So, it’s been a day since I put my thoughts down here for the #BooksAreNeverFree post, as well as shared the same to my thousands that were/still are on my mailing list.  I’m still trying to get the hashtag trending.


I’m trying to start a new hashtag–#BooksAreNeverFree  Why do I do this? It’s my belief that as authors we too often undersell ourselves. Yes, at times, we need to make books free. Sometimes we want to. But our audience, our readership,

Writer’s Challenge and Opportunity!

 Calling all writers! Many of us have heard about Hemingway’s (supposed!) six word novel.  And whilst those famous six words might not have actually come from that great writer, these six words have come from me: Those Geese, they

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