The Echoes of Greatness (#2)

TWIGGY RATTLESNAKE can’t believe how much his LIFE has CHANGED. While hoping for a peaceful year ahead at THE SCHOOL OF TIME AND SPACE, it doesn’t take long for STRANGE things to begin happening. People left FLOATING, students discovering new SKILLS to SHIELD themselves, and Twiggy must learn to handle a real DANGER inside his own CORRIDOR.

With a MYSTERIOUS GANG on the move, Twiggy and his friends are searching for answers. The ECHOES OF GREATNESS once again spreading FEAR and CHAOS. Students going missing. Yet most frightening of all, is Twiggy finally about to be EXPOSED?

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Readers Reviews

★★★★★ Clever and goof fun, especially for kids!

I decided to write this review, simply because I think young people, beginning at about age ten, will think it cool and fun. I’m much older than ten years, but I found it clever, well-thought out, funny, sad, it forced me to think and ponder, and is well-written.
I refuse to let out the plot, but can still share some thoughts. First, this is a time travel book. Second, emotions range the full gamut of glee to sadness. Third, it lacks bad language, sexual references and over the top evil.
Yes, parents! It is a book you can let your children read and enjoy this imaginative tail. This review is written for the ebook audience, but will appear in paperback soon. This is the second story in the series featuring Twiggy and could be read alone, but is more exciting having the first in your head when this one is added.
One thing I appreciate about Mr. Heath’s books is his not leaving the reader stranded at the end of the book in the middle of a dilemma. Yes, there are lingering questions, but they are not totally frustrating. I am looking forward to book three and not afraid to admit I enjoyed a young person’s book.
One last point: this would be a fun family read-aloud book on a nightly basis. The conversations would, without a doubt, be lively. I predict the children will have thoughts they would like to include were it possible to do so.
So, if you have kiddos who like a rollicking good story, or even early to late teens, put this as a good choice on your throughout the year gift lists. I wholeheartedly recommend this book and hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

★★★★★ Entertaining read in the Fantasy genre

Easy reading story about Twiggy and his friends as they explore the world with their newly found powers of time and spatial travel. If you enjoy books in the Harry Potter genre (if there is such a genre), you have found your new favorite series. An entertaining, fast moving, and fun journey through a book that is sure to draw you in and pull you through it to the end.

 ★★★★★ As good as the first one!

What if I am a breastfeed mom??? My baby is 5 months old and I find the time to read it!!! I can imagine when my kids are older and presents them this new series! I really enjoy it and I can't wait for the next book. Oh… I so hope this series to become a movie!!

★★★★★ Pure fun

This is a fantastic read for YA from the age of 10 upwards. Beautifully constructed science fiction in a world where some lucky souls are able to travel through time and space. Enter a unique boarding school, with its drama, trials and tribulations. Zero bad language or overt sexuality, this is a good family orientated fiction, where adults and kids can enjoy together. Good stuff.