A Boy Lost: Season Two

One Boy.

Three Lives.

Many Victims.

I am no monster.

Jack is no ordinary boy!

The spine-tingling accompaniment to the eight books of the Penn Friends series, which form Season One of this series. A Boy Lost, therefore, forms the next eight books, and as a whole become Season Two.

You are about to enter a world like no other, from a seasoned novelist writing a series under a pen name.

As Season Two begins, we open up the adventure of Jack and his dark deeds.  Each book asks its own question.

What’s it like to have a friend betray you?

What's it like to live without rules?

What's it like to start over again?

What’s it like to be re-invented?

Is there no length that Jack won’t go to? Will anyone stop him?

Love for the series so far:

★★★★★ “The saga of Penny Black continues…even better than before – still limited by Amazon to only 5 stars but obviously a best-buy!”

A Boy Lost Series Volume 1 (Books 1-4)

A Boy Lost Series Volume 2 (Books 5-8)

Available as individual books are well:

#1 The Breaking Of Jack
#2 The Journey Of Jack
#3 The New World Of Jack
#4 The Rise Of Jack
#5 The Torment Of Jack
#6 The Pursuit In Jack
#7 The Downfall Of Jack
#8 The End Of Jack

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