The Pride

Book Two in The Hunt series

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Republished: 26th May 2022
Publisher: Conundrum Publishing

Life isn't fair… and neither is death.

Billionaires don't easily fall — and they'll do whatever it takes to hold on to their power.

With the Games nearing their ten-year celebration, things are in place for one massive Hunt. To win means millions in prize money…

…But to lose means death.

For fans of spy novels and thrillers, Alex and Anissa are back in another nonstop fast-paced adventure thriller, perfect for the armchair traveler.

Best of the Reviews:

★★★★★ Murder, Spies and Mayhem!

This is the first Tim Heath book I am reading and it definitely won't be the last! Such precision, such attention to detail and one hell of a story line! A story that includes money, lots and lots of money and you know what people will do for it, well they do it! Murder, spies, foreign countries, power – what more could a person ask for in a book! You need your wits about you when reading this book so you don't forget who the main players are as it is easy to stray if you don't keep your eye on the ball! A hell of a good story Tim Heath and I shall certainly be reading more of your books, thank you!
★★★★★ A deep thinkers mystery!! 
Given a free advance copy, I have decided to review this book because I loved it. This is the first time I have read any of Tim Heath's work–but I am a fan! Mr. Heath writes well and the fact that he has lived in Russia and Estonia shows in the book. He may be English but he has a great understanding of how things work in certain countries. Thought provoking and suspenseful, this book should not be read when you are tired–you will miss important clues. Put your thinking cap on!!
★★★★★ MI6 and FSB agents team up to track down the people responsible for the game. 
Take 1 host, add 20 billionaires all jockeying for the top 10 spots in their group. Add 10 contestants who were given money and other incentives to compete in a dangerous game. The winners of the game will go on to complete for only 5 lottery tickets. What would they do to each other to compete for the life-changing millions these lottery tickets are worth?
MI6 and FSB agents team up to track down the people responsible for the game. This was a very exciting book that I read in one day. I couldn’t put it down.
★★★★★ Intriguing 
An exceptional and intriguing book, with strong character development. And yes the character list at the back is most helpful for an oldster like me who has some difficulty in remembering “Bill from Bob”. Look forward to reading more of Tim's books.
★★★★★ I enjoyed this thriller
I enjoyed this thriller, it was great to get to know the oligarchs better. When books get into economics I don't really understand how everything works but it is interesting nevertheless.
I also like Alex and Anissa and how they work together.
Russia is a great scenario! I especially enjoyed it as I have a bit of knowledge of the Russian language and also have visited Russia when it was still the Soviet Union and St. Petersburg was Leningrad. Much has changed since but all the great sights featuring in this book are still the same!
I'm very much looking forward to part 3, to have all the threads go together.
If you like thrillers with great and well thought-through backstories, this is the book for you!
★★★★★ Great Spy Adventure 
This is the second book in The Hunt series and is another exciting piece of intrigue and suspense. The ultra rich and powerful are once again out fighting for more power, more influence and more glory with a greed and disdain for their fellow human that is mind-blowing. Can our two secret agents ever get ahead of those with so much money and influence? Or will they always be chasing shadows but never really seeing the true evil at the hearts of these men of power? You will just have to read it to find out!
★★★★★ The Games of the Ultra-Rich are Different! 

What do you do for fun when you have huge wealth? Tim explores the games that the ultra-rich members of the Russian oligarchy play to amuse themselves. The challenge for our protagonists, Anissa, Alex, and Sasha, is to uncover and stop the clandestine working of this group of 20 oligarchs while they continue their hunt and avoid becoming the hunted.

Tim paints a vivid picture of each of the characters including the locale of much of the adventure – St. Petersburg.

★★★★★ Unique and interesting! 
Interesting read that weaves the whole story. Most authors only share from the perspective of 1-2 characters but this author does a great job of sharing many character's stories and perspectives. You are kept guessing throughout where it is going and how the story will end up. Highly recommended for anyone that enjoys unique and interesting styles of storytelling and really being brought into the lives of the characters.
★★★★★ Tim Heath has another winner! 
Tim Heath has another winner! Although the book has a lot of characters to keep track of, particularly in the beginning, you can still follow the action. It takes place in Russia so there are a lot of Russian names that are a bit difficult for our American tongue but you do get use to them. By the end of the book you have no problem remembering who is who. It is action packed and you want to keep reading to find out what happens. A very enjoyable read. Can't wait for the next one.
★★★★★ You must read it! 
WOW! A mind trapping story that you can't get enough! It is so good as the first one and I can't wait for the next one!
★★★★★ Excellent book! 
This is the first book I've read in a while that I actually had to concentrate on – lot's of characters, so I didn't want to mix them up, lot's of them had Russian names too which made it slightly harder to retain them for me. But so worth it! It's a fantastic book – the construction of both plot and characters is fabulous. It's one that I didn't want to put down – a fantastic thriller!
★★★★★ Another 5-star thriller by Tim Heath! If you don't like it, stop by his house and get a refund…he lives in Estonia. 🙂

I just finished this extraordinary book – buy it! Why? Tim Heath has woven an intricate thriller that will keep you captivated all the way through. It is massively involved with dozens of characters that he probes in detail. To help us mere mortals that read it, Tim graciously has like a character profile list of everyone in the back of the book. Nice guy!

You already know that Tim Heath is one of the new up and coming young authors so jump right in on this book as the story will continue after this novel ends!

★★★★★ High-echelon power plays and grassroots survival