The Poison

Book Three in The Hunt series

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Published: 1st December 2017
Publisher: HCP

Would you kill in order to win?

The Games reach their climax. For some, it's a way to stay in power, for others it's just one more thing to be destroyed.

With the Russian Presidential vote just a year away, the challengers need to make their move. The world will soon know who they are, as will Voronin—secrecy can only hide them for a little while longer.

An international lender calls in a huge bailout loan, destroying an entire Banking Union in the process. A man is gunned down in the streets of St Petersburg, his crime being he spoke to the wrong people. And a high-ranking government official is murdered on the streets of London. Random? Isolated? Or an oligarch's move for power?

All the while MI6 and an FSB insider gather more evidence, following hot on their heels and waiting to strike. Yet, they are up against their greatest challenge so far.

For fans of Jason Bourne (Robert Ludlum), James Bond, Hunger Games, and any nonstop action thriller!

“A great page-turner–I couldn't see how it was going to end until the very last page.”

“Intrigue and peril on a grand scale.”