The Enchanti Generation

A complete four book series that is certain to surprise!

The Curse – Book 1

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Series Release Date: 28th October 2023
Series Publisher: HCP

In a world where the line between gift and curse blurs, where secrets are a burden too heavy to bear, Penny Black and Jack Ferguson find their destinies intertwined in a web of inexplicable connections.

Two souls, both haunted by their pasts, each concealing a truth they dare not reveal. One journeys down a treacherous path, while the other vehemently proclaims their innocence. Can either of them be saved from the darkness that threatens to consume them? Do they even deserve rescue?

Beneath the shroud of mystery and silence lies a profound and unsettling reality, a truth so compelling it has been concealed from the world. What did previous governments unleash upon their generation, and why?

As some search for answers, driven by noble intentions, others have far more sinister motives. Is Penny truly alone in this perilous quest for truth?

Tim Heath, a prolific author renowned for his diverse range of works, including the groundbreaking dystopian masterpiece, The 26th Protocol, weaves a tale that will grip your heart and haunt your dreams. Dive into the first instalment of this gripping four-book series and discover a world where secrets are currency, and the price of truth may be too high to bear.

The Rebel – Book 2

In the gripping sequel to The Curse, the line between destiny and destruction becomes even thinner.

As the shadows of the past continue to haunt them, Penny Black and Jack Ferguson find themselves plunged deeper into a web of despair. The secrets they hold close threaten to unravel their lives, one fragile thread at a time.

One is on the brink of a harrowing journey, while the other fights to understand their existence. Can they emerge unscathed from the darkness that beckons them, or is it too late to escape the price of their own truths?

Beneath the veneer of a world poised on the brink of revelation, a chilling reality lurks in the background, and the answers they seek are buried beneath layers of deception.

In this captivating instalment of the Enchanti Generation series, acclaimed author Tim Heath unveils a world where secrets hold the power to mend or destroy, and the cost of discovering the truth may prove higher than ever before. Immerse yourself in this thrilling narrative that will ensnare your senses and leave you yearning for more.

The Victim – Book 3

In the electrifying third chapter of the Enchanti Generation series, Jack Ferguson takes centre stage, his life a riddle shrouded in enigmatic layers.

Living a complex existence, Jack's reality unfolds in unexpected ways. One life teeters on the precipice of a perilous journey, another dances through shadows, and the third remains a beacon of hope amid uncertainty. A hidden mystery binds them all, waiting to be unraveled.

Beneath the surface of this intricate narrative lies a chilling truth that could reshape everything.

As some search for answers with unwavering determination, others manipulate the threads of fate for their own sinister purposes. Jack Ferguson's quest to unveil the enigma of his existence will keep you on the edge of your seat, and the cost of truth may be higher than he ever imagined.

In this riveting instalment of the Enchanti Generation series, Tim Heath, the master of weaving intricate narratives, propels you into a world where the boundaries of reality blur, secrets beckon to be discovered, and a surprising twist awaits you at every turn. Brace yourself for a mind-bending journey that will leave you riveted until the very last page.

The Beast – Book 4

In the heart-pounding conclusion of the Enchanti Generation series, the enigmatic saga of Jack Ferguson reaches its climax, with the mysteries of his three lives finally unveiled.

The intricate tapestry of his existence, woven with secrets and shadows, is laid bare, leaving readers to grapple with the shocking truth that binds these disparate lives.

As the hidden mysteries of Jack's past and his trifold existence emerge, a chilling revelation looms, one that could change everything.

In a gripping showdown, the fate of Jack Ferguson and the world he inhabits hangs in the balance.

In this exhilarating climax of the Enchanti Generation series, Tim Heath, renowned for crafting complex narratives, guides you through an unforgettable odyssey that pushes the limits of reality, unfurls deeply concealed mysteries, and culminates in a stunning revelation that will leave you breathless. Be ready for a thought-provoking adventure that may just establish Jack Ferguson as Tim's most astonishing creation to date.

Series Store Links:

Formats: eBook, Paperback & Hardcover

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