The Black Dolphin

Book Eight in The Hunt series.

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Published: 7th August 2020
Publisher: Happy Content publishing

“Tim has matured into a sophisticated writer–I loved this one. His best yet!”

One Impregnable Prison. One Doomed Agent. One Desperate Idea.

Alex, the captured MI6 agent, is in Russia’s most secure and dangerous prison––forgotten, lost, desperate. For all he knows, he’ll die there.

Can MI6 find out? And would that knowledge be enough for an inmate who doesn’t officially exist? The British security service can never acknowledge his presence in Russia.

Anissa cannot leave him to die. Neither will Alex’s Belarusian lover allow that to be the case––but freeing him will be no simple matter. Because nobody has ever escaped from the Black Dolphin.

If the Russian President learns that MI6 have discovered Alex, she will up the game––Alex would have days to live. Could they get him out in time? Will there be anything left of him to rescue?

From the International Bestselling author of The Tablet, comes the penultimate instalment in his much loved Hunt series.