The Acting President

Book Seven in The Hunt series

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Published: 5th June 2020
Publisher: HCP

There could be a new president of Russia… and she has plans.

Her nation stands at a precipice, but are they ready to usher a woman into the Kremlin? Will she allow anybody to stop her?

With a dissident voice leaking her secrets to the world, Svetlana might not have that chance—she will give anything to know the identity and whereabouts of this whistleblower.

Russian oligarchs continue to gather in secret—a vicious cage fight, controlled by a bloodthirsty man, whose actions surpass anything that The Games have seen before. Is this one step too far?

And with an election mooted and MI6 forever on her tail, do they have the time to stop somebody they see as the most dangerous person in Russia from becoming the next President?

Amazingly intricate and impossible to put down.”