The 26th Protocol

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Release Date: 17th February 2021
Publisher: Happy Content publishing

A brilliant and believable dystopia, a 21st-century version of 1984 or Gilead from The Hand Maid's Tale. 

What if life had a use-by date?

A New World Council runs the planet, a perfect world in their view, where everyone and everything has a time and place––even death.

Blythe Harrell is a man very much on the inside of the system––but the more he sees, the more broken he understands things to be. Yet to challenge anything is to challenge it all. Even his own place at the very top.

Through medical advances, most life-threatening diseases have been defeated. Yet underlying the whole system, a human cancer grows.

When he discovers his wife is expecting, their unborn child carrying one of the last incurable diseases––a death sentence to most––he’s forced to confront the truth about the world around him.

Praise for the book:

★★★★★I really enjoyed this dystopian. It's an interesting take on the evolution of humanity, especially considering the pandemic we are currently facing. Pre-programmed life spans proclaiming equality for all, guaranteed employment and a huge retirement package… What could possibly be wring with that? As ever, this book is beautifully crafted. Great character and world building. Lots of different characters who seem to have nothing to do with each other are gradually brought together in an intricate way. Gripping and intriguing this is a fabulous read.

★★★★★ “Interesting read on a futuristic world that has cured many of the woes of the world. What they haven’t resolved is the people being divided into different classes. As Blythe makes the journey to resolving the class divide, it is an interesting view into the psyche of the human race. Enjoyable all the way to the finish, in a genre I spend little time reading.”

★★★★★ WOW! “I normally shy away from dystopian thrillers. However, Tim Heath is one of my favourite authors, so I decided to give this book a read. I am very happy that I did.

Tim is a masterful storyteller. The book is set in the near future (maybe even 2096). There are multiple threads created, each of which develops a character or two and adds to the growing world-view. The threads are woven into a fabric that shows the utopian world is rotten at its core and follows the various protagonists as they come together (unexpectedly) to move toward the ultimate outcome of the story.

The work-view is sometimes graphic and sometimes unsettling. One thread brought to mind the gas chambers of the Holocaust.

This is Tim's first book in this genre and it proves that he can write a great story in many genres.”

★★★★★ Another great novel by Tim. “I wasn't sure I'd enjoy a futuristic novel, but Tim's writing is as gripping as ever and the story had me hooked immediately. So many unexpected twists and turns, full of suspense right to the end, I couldn't put it down. Tim has become such a diverse writer, his writing just gets better.”

★★★★★ Brilliant book. “This was a very different book to Tims usual books but just as good as usual. I have read most of his books and this i up with his others. it is a very thought provoking read and i would urge everyone to read it. it is very futuristic and plausable. I would urge everyone to read it. Brilliant could not put it down.