New Release Features

Building on from my #BooksAreNeverFree initiative, this is a place to announce your latest release.

Below is a link to a Google Drive spreadsheet, where I invite you to put the information of your next book that you have coming out. If you hit the mystery/thriller audience, like me, you are therefore a particularly good fit for my own readership!

Feel free to invite other authors to this page.

Why do I do this? I won't repeat myself if you came here via my blog post, but you can read about the why here if you missed it.

On this link, you'll be able to drop in the details of your planned releases (go as far forward as you want with as many books as you like) and I will look to include these in my newsletters when I write out. Just as an encouragement. I'm not charging, and I'm not asking for anything in return. I just believe books should be purchased.

New Releases List