Tim’s Wonders In Wood – #Project2

I've been at it again! This time the entrance hall, which isn't as big as the first room I worked on, and the woodwork not as intense. But the transformation is equally pleasing.

If you want to see what I managed in #Project1, you can read this post: http://www.timheathbooks.com/tims-wonders-in-wood-project1

So, here's what I was working with this time. This is the before video (less than a week ago, in fact. I hadn't started the decorating until last Tuesday and it's all completed now!)

As with the first project, I wanted a combination of bespoke craftsmanship (me making something from wood) and store-bought furniture (we love the new IKEA here in Tallinn!). I think I got that balance again with this room. First up, as always, a good decoration, something I managed (all three coats!) in a day.

And here's the short video from the end of day 1 when all that lovely fresh paint is on the walls:

As always, I had a plan:

Now it was time to buy the wood. I did this in two stages and two days, day 1 was going to the shop to buy the wood. The top piece I got cut to size. The rest of the wood I would cut when home. Day 2 was spent putting it all together, like one giant puzzle (though not as taxing as those really tricky puzzles where all the pieces look the same).

I built the side pieces first, and yes, if you are looking at that right photo and wondering if those bars are not parallel, you'd be right. I designed it so that when the shoes are sitting on the bars, there is a slight slope so that (in winter, especially!) water can run off the wood and not stay on it. I'll see how well that works later in the year! It all came together so quickly that I didn't actually do a video of the part-built phase, and was soon varnishing the finished item!

The aim was to increase the current shoe-storage capacity and bring them off the floor. With this design, there are two rows per shelf, allow four in total (thus increasing capacity) and looking all the neater too. And when I saw the piece of wood in the shop that is now sitting on the top of my creation, I knew it had to be the piece. It needed cutting to size, so I also have a 600x900mm section spare that I'll build something with in the future! Watch this space to see what that will be and where it will go! I love off-cuts! Nothing goes to waste!

Speaking of reusing things, the red curtains (they were in our daughters' bedroom at the start of #Project1) are so helpful for being my drip mats. I can paint on them, varnish… it's useful! I'll certainly keep them around until I've finished this whole apartment's makeover!

I made this key-holder from some spare wood too:

This is giving you a hint to the finished room, so I'll reveal that video now, before adding in the photos of the final result.

Cool, right? We're really happy with how it turned out. We can't wait to welcome people to our home again and share this with them all.

Got to love the plant! The hall feels bigger now, the mirrors something that helps with that, but also the changed orientation for that bench (replacing the single chair in the original room) means walking in through the front door, there is more space. Having the height from the IKEA unit adds something and sections of the small entrance hall all the while. We each get two drawers so most of our stuff can go in these leaving less clutter and stuff visible, which always makes for a cleaner room!

The timeline for this one was rather quick!

Tuesday – cleared the room, used masking-tape on all the bits I didn't want paint on and put three coats on each wall during the day.

Wednesday – borrowed a car, sourced the wood, getting the benchtop cut to size and then making the other cuts all at home.

Thursday – put it all together and varnished it all (the benchtop had about four or five coats!)

Friday – did nothing as it was Book Launch day for The Acting President (go and buy the series now!) Lol.

Saturday – IKEA order picked up and the cabinets built and put together. I also repotted the plant into its black metal container. All that remained now was to put the mirrors on the wall and we are done!

And that's it (for now)!

#Project3 is the biggest one yet and will take in the kitchen and lounge, one change leading to lots of other changes. I'm already waking up at odd times puzzling through the challenges of this one, but I know the final result with be spectacular. So do keep an eye out. As I said last time, if my books were made of wood, they would look like this. So if you've enjoyed my creativity and you love a good novel, then I know you'll love my thrillers. Please check them all out here!