The School of Time and Space (#1)

When Twiggy had ripped open the box and dug through the protective material, his hand landed on a strange round object…

TWIGGY RATTLESNAKE would never have believed that a regular boy like himself could ever alter TIME!

With the discovery of a SURPRISE BOX on the DOORSTEP on his thirteenth BIRTHDAY, Twiggy doesn’t know that his future is about to change––sending him on an ADVENTURE in TIME TRAVEL starting with the SCHOOL OF TIME AND SPACE, and opening his eyes to the truth of who he really is.

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Readers Reviews

★★★★★ OH! What a book! What a story!

A strange round object at Twiggy's 13th birthday changed his life!
Now he can alter time! Now the adventure begins…. The truth about what happens to his parents, who he really is, why their grandparents so long didn't tell him anything… will all come to light!
A book that you can read alone, with your kids or trust this book alone with your kids!!!!

★★★★★ A journey reminiscent of Harry Potter

Twiggy Rattlesnake gets a birthday surprise that will change his life. Overnight Twiggy goes from a regular kid to a student at the school of time and space. In his new environment he finds out that he is unusually talented and gifted. With his small group of new friends, and a couple of enemies, he embarks on some entertaining adventures. Writing in a new genre under a pen name, Tim Heath takes you on a journey reminiscent of Harry Potter.

★★★★ I cannot wait to see how things will pan out

I have read a lot of books by this author, under a different pen name, but this is the first that can be read by children, young adults or adults alike. Intriguing story, great world building and character development. I cannot wait to see how things will pan out for Twiggy in this strange new world.

★★★★★ I really did find this story to be a page-turner

I read this as an eBook and it was riveting, from start to finish. I at first thought there were similarities between Twiggy and the Harry Potter series, but that is all it was – similarities. It involves a group of children who go off to a “special” school – and most children go to school – but the mechanisms and science is what separates them.
I'll not spoil the story for anyone who hasn't read it yet, but Twiggy goes to school and discovers he has exceptional abilities which are science-based, not magical, and starts off an adventure that I for one want to follow to the end.
I really did find this story to be a page-turner and did indeed find it very hard to put down. I think it would be appreciated mostly by the under-18s, but then I enjoyed it and am well past that age by now, so who knows.

★★★★★ A wonderful “young adult” adventure that I would recommend for any age

Twiggy is an honest, earnest boy who loves his grandparents and grieves for the parents he never knew. Suddenly he finds that he is part of a secret world of time travellers, like his parents and grandmother before him.
He is shipped off to a school for gifted children, where he must learn a new set of rules for a new way of life. He also finds dangerous secrets lurking in his family's past.
This is a wonderful “young adult” adventure that I would recommend for any age. There is an unmistakable air of Harry Potter, mixed with a sense of kids exploring their powers on Galifrey. It is undeniably fun, and touchingly poignant at times. I commend the author on a wonderfully crafted tale.