The Song Birds


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Four Random Strangers. Many Broken Lives. One Callous Act.


“A gripping modern thriller with the twist of one hundred years of history.”

Four Random Strangers. Many Broken Lives. One Callous Act.

During the first week of July, at the 27th Estonian Song Festival, on the first night of the central performance, a group of unknown terrorists detonated a hybrid smart-bomb which, for five dreadful seconds, ripped a ten-foot hole in the sky above a section of the vast crowd. If anybody had been looking up at the blinding light which seemed to separate matter from substance, they would have seen people getting sucked in. Then everything suddenly returned to normal––there were no casualties on the ground nor any sign of damage. Nothing to suggest anything sinister had taken place––aside from those missing people.

Fearful of what had just happened in Tallinn, the government cover up events of the 6th July 2019. To speak of it becomes a violation of national security.

Soon the missing people are forgotten, but they can’t stay hidden forever. In fact these people are alive, desperate for answers and trying to find their way home. They have been dragged back into the past and are trying to understand what has happened and whether they can get back to their own time or must remain trapped forever.

We are the Song Birds, and this is our story…

From an International Best-Selling author of thirty-five titles, comes his most anticipated novel yet.