Monthly Best-Sellers –– October ’19

September 7th – October 7th 2019

A quick update this month. I'm busy writing The Acting President this week, but a change of plans (a three-day trip now needed on Wednesday) has helped me stop for the day and get this update written. It's the 7th of the month, after all, and we know that means it's time to look back and see which titles did best!

As always, last month's chart is available here.

These figures are for the dates between September 7th and October 7th and the brackets after each book signify the change from last month’s position, a (-) meaning the book is unchanged, and a (++) means it is a new entry into the chart.

Paperback sales or eBook downloads:

1) The Song Birds (++)
2) Those Geese, They Lied; He's Dead (+3)
3) The Prey (-2)
4) The Last Prophet (++)
5) The Menace (++)
6) The Meltdown (++)
7) The Poison (++)
8) The Pride (-4)

Comment: My most recent release makes it back to the top, helped mostly by local paperback sales. There is so much fluctuation in the chart, which is a good thing. Five of the eight titles were not in the top ten last month.

Congratulations to the winner!

KENP Chart:

1) Tim Heath Thriller Collection (-)
2) The Prey (+2)
3) The Song Birds (+6)
4) The Pride (+1)

Comment: My juggernaut of a title stays #1 on the KENP for yet another month, in a month when only four titles were read.

That's now six months at the top for the winner!

My most read title in KU in the last 30 days

Charts by country:

1) United Kingdom (+1)
2) Estonia (++)
3) United States (-2)
4) Australia (+1)

1) United Kingdom (-)
2) Canada (+2)
3) United States (-1)

The UK tops both charts!

Last 90 Days:

1) The Prey
2) A Boy Lost Vol 1
3) The Penn Friends Vol 1
4) Those Geese, They Lied; He's Dead
5) The Pride


1) Tim Heath Thriller Collection
2) The Prey
3) The Hunt series Books 1-3
4) The Meltdown
5) The Pride

Okay, as Bugs Bunny used to say, that's all folks! Thanks for reading (the books that featured this month, and this post). Until next month!