Monthly Best-Sellers –– May ’19

Apr 7th – May 7th 2019

It's that time again!

March was my best month ever as an author, but April's KENP page reads bettered it still. So that chart will be exciting to see what happens.

The Prey had its special promotion in April, making it surely a shoo-in for the top spot, but will the following titles in the series start to do battle in these charts in the months ahead? And what of last month's runaway winner?

As always, you can view April's rankings here.

These figures are for the dates between Apr 7th and May 7th and the brackets after each book signify the change from last month’s position, a (-) meaning the book is unchanged, and a (++) means it is a new entry into the chart.

Paperback sales or eBook downloads:

1) The Prey (+2)
2) Those Geese, They Lied; He's Dead (-)
3) Tim Heath Thriller Boxset (-2)
4) The Pride (++)
5) The Tablet (+1)
6) The Poison (++)
7) The Meltdown (++)
8) The Machine (++)
9) The Last Prophet (++)
10) Cherry Picking (++)

Comment: It was no surprise that The Prey switched positions with last month's runaway winner as it had over 80% of the sales this last month. A worthy winner! With a local event in Tallinn, meaning that I sold at least one paperback copy of each of my fourteen novels (the first time that's happened), there was competition for the Top 10 this month and five titles that didn't make it into the chart. Another interesting thing to note was second place, as it was last month, my book of short stories. Perhaps once more people checking out something else of mine before reading on? The question remains for next month; with all those sales of book one in The Hunt series (and four other titles already in the chart), are we going to see these titles pushing for top spot next month, or will the boxsets return to their dominant position? The KENP chart (which follows) is also going to be interesting to see!

Well done to the winner, however!

KENP Chart:

April saw my most Kindle Unlimited page reads ever! 

1) Tim Heath Thriller Boxset (-)
2) The Prey (+4)
3) The Hunt series Books 1-3 (-1)
4) The Pride (+5)
5) The Poison (+3)
6) The Hunt series Books 4-6 (+1)
7) The Machine (-3)
8) The Meltdown (-3)
9) The Last Prophet (+1)
10) The Shadow Man (++)

Comment: The winning title was a runaway again, maybe not quite as dominant as last month, but nearly as many page-reads with the total just under 50,000. The Hunt series again made up most of the other positions, with the single books all ranking well (and in order!) minus The Menace, which wasn't in the top ten, though being book five and with the first four all ranking well, as readers move through the series I would expect this title to appear next month. We shall see.

Congrats to the winner, a runaway for the second month in a row!

My most read title of the last 30 days

Charts by country:

1) United Kingdom (-)
2) United States (-)
3) Canada (+1)
4) Australia (-1)
5) Estonia (++)
6) Netherlands (+1)

1) United Kingdom (-)
2) Canada (-)
3) United States (-)
4) India (+1)
5) Australia (-1)

NEW: Last 90 Days:

Now there have been a few months in the year, how do the titles fair when looked at across multiple months––surely only the strongest can maintain their position in this chart? I'll limit each list to only the Top 5


1) Tim Heath Thriller Boxset
2) The Prey
3) Those Geese, They Lied; He's Dead
4) The Hunt series Books 1-3
5) The Pride


1) Tim Heath Thriller Boxset
2) The Prey
3) The Hunt series Books 1-3
4) The Pride
5) The Poison

I wonder how these will change over time? Anyway, that's it for this post this month. Keep reading and maybe your selections will make it onto the chart next month?