May The First Be With You!

It's the first of a new month (at the time of writing this, not necessarily the time you are reading!). In Estonia, it's also the first day of a new season, summer! Summers are long and light this far north, and they are designed that way to make us forget about the winters here (which are even longer, even darker and cold)!

I've always liked the first of a new month. I got married on a first, we moved from Stockport to St Petersburg on a first, and we moved from St Petersburg to Tallinn on a first.

I've released many (not all) of my books on the firstof the month. Twiggy Rattlesnake and the School of Time and Space released two years ago today, in fact!

So why not release three more today?

That's right, there are three new releases out and today is their official launch announcement!

The perfect summer reading options!

Each book is live and online on Amazon right now, available in Kindle Unlimited, as well as in eBook, paperback, hardcover, and even large print paperback formats!

Below, I've listed each title, the cover, and a link to the full blurb and with Amazon links. I'm doing this launch on my own, with no advertising options available, only my faithful list of readers, a limited social media following and word of mouth. Please help me by singing about my new releases! Now is the perfect time to stock up on books for the summer holidays ahead (or, if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, autumn and winter, which is basically the same as lots of our summers anyway lol).



A fallen sporting legend rediscovers himself and his passion in the most unusual place, while untangling the difficult truth about his past.

In Tim Heath's first screenplay-to-novel adaptation, he delves into one of his passions in life, football! Thrown into that is the oldest and most famous domestic cup competition in the world. Putting his vast experience in the world of football together with his passion for page-turning books, this sports drama come thriller is the latest addition to a growing number of works.

Fans of Cherry Picking (his debut novel, which had an element of football in it) and Ted Lasso (nothing to do with Tim, but who isn't a fan of that series?) will enjoy this easy read, one suitable for younger readers too because of the author's style and continued non-use of foul language.

Postcards From Pianjin Province


A deadly threat. A silent nation. The world holds its breath.

Has the world not learned its lesson?

Siblings Ethan and Emma couldn’t be more different from each other–she the star child, he the runaway disgrace. Yet both become unwitting victims in an international plot threatening the nation.

Thrust together, forced to break the rules, can the outcast discover the truth, and with it redemption–or will those tracking him step in before he gets that far?

With time running out, and the body count rising, something has to give…

From International Bestseller Tim Heath, author of twenty-four titles, whose works include the sensational series The Hunt, comes his latest standalone thriller sure to delight readers of the genre.



His birthday is ruined when his family vanishes. Stress is dangerous for Marcus, the chance of a blackout high.

Yet everything he knew has changed.

Were they imagined?

Did the life he had ever happen?

Or is something much bigger happening? Can he convince anyone he's not delusional?

In Tim Heath's second screenplay-to-novel adaptation, he comes much closer to home, basing another novel in Tallinn, Estonia! This follows titles including The Song Birds, various volumes in The Hunt series, and a short story in Those Geese, They Lied; He’s Dead that were also partially or completely situated in the Estonian capital (the author’s home for more than a decade now).

Fans of all his books will enjoy this easy read, one suitable for younger readers too because of the author's style and continued non-use of foul language, a hallmark of his, yet not lacking in storytelling technique or creative imagination.

So why not be one of the first to read them, and be sure to share your thoughts with a few simple words, or just a rating on Amazon, so that the books grow more visibility and credibility.

I can't wait to hear what you make of them!