Marketing 3.0––The Future of Advertising

Calling all authors!

Do I have a product for you! Looking at it (and if they do all they say they can do) it'll be a gamechanger, for sure!

Get what you pay for is now only pay for what you get

While I can't say much more about the idea at the moment (the legal patent is still going through) I can open the waiting list for early signups––those first few winsome pioneers who will change the face of advertising, forever.

I'm really not overreacting when I think about the potential!

They start testing with me this autumn/winter (before Christmas 2019) when I'll then have the results and everything to share with you all. By the London Book Fair in 2020, the flood gates will be opened. If you want to jump ahead of the queue and guarantee your spot in the initial launch, just leave me an email address on the linked Google form (at the bottom of this page) and I'll be in touch (the extra questions are optional, purely for my own interest). Expect to hear from me within the next six months or so.

Advertising expenditure (through the traditional model) in 2019 is expected to top $360 billion––50% of this is wasted investment

Leads vs Shleads

Lionel Messi is (arguably) the world's greatest footballer––ever! I play football. We are both footballers, yet one you'd always want in your team, and the other… probably not.

Social media advertising promises to serve you leads. You pay for them (at a premium). The leads you get from this new product, that same word, is like comparing me with Messi. These aren't merely leads, they are going to be Super Hot Leads. I call them shleads! See what I did there? And you'll only ever pay for what you've already gained––when these shleads respond to your adverts! That's why I'm calling this Marketing 3.0 because it's going to change everything!

Sign Up!

For a no-obligation sign up (all I'm doing is collecting your email ahead of time––I will then send ONE email when the product is ready and it's opened up to other authors. What you do then is up to you) please follow the link below. If you know other authors who are tired of being behind the curve, who are fed up with the current model (Facebook and Amazon are only getting harder to effectively advertise on) then please share this link with them!

When I have results to share with you (I'm in on it as an author too!) I'll be sure to drop you an email. At the time of writing this, I expect that email to be sent by Spring 2020, if not before!


Tim has been married to his wife Rachel since 2001 and they have two daughters. He lives in Tallinn, Estonia, having moved there with his family in 2012 from St Petersburg, Russia, which they moved to in 2008. He is originally from Kent in England and lived for eight years in Cheshire, before moving abroad. As well as writing the novels that are already published (plus the one or two that are always in the process of being finished!) Tim enjoys being outdoors, exploring Estonia, cooking and spending time with his family.