Publishing PLUS

At HCP Books, we have everything you need to get you going!

Have a story to tell––don't know what you have to do next?

We have a great team. With this premium option from HCP Books, you get exposure to them all! While it does include cover design and book formatting it goes much further still! Your book will go through a full editorial process, which includes:

  • Style, spelling, grammar & punctuation
  • Readability
  • Sticky sentences
  • Cliches, metaphors & similes
  • Redundancies & repetition
  • Echoes
  • Sentence length variation
  • Structure
  • Tense & POV
  • Dialogue
  • Homonyms
  • & more…

This will give you a text that's polished and ready to go!

All these elements alone can cost hundreds! A good cover design, for example, could be in excess of $1000. Quality editing of the detail mentioned above can be anything from $50 per 3,000 words and upwards! Formatters can charge $800 to put your work together.

Here everything gets done under this one package––with pick n' mix options below to add in further layers of checking as well as valuable access to our audience––something that's been built up over years at huge cost.

For an up to 80,000 word manuscripts (if over that, please consult with us first) the base package cost of all these services is as follows:

Early Access Base Package Price is only €1,299

Please use the contact form to make your comments and requests, as well as choosing any additional options. Please specify the time frame required, but bear in mind these things can't be rushed. We would estimate between six to twelve weeks for the process, but the most important thing is that you have a quality product at the end of it, not just something that is done in a rush.

Want a trial?

Send us the first chapter (no more than 3,000 words) and we will be happy to show you some of what we can do.

Additional Pick n' Mix Options

  • Second Editor––the more eyes the better!
  • Proofreading
  • Advanced Readers––access to our team who will spot things as well as write reviews when the book is published
  • Ad/Marketing Designs
  • Coaching
  • Promotion to our readership and social media audience in excess of 20,000 (subject to certain criteria)
  • Website design and domain set up
  • Getting set up on social media

    All prices available upon request. Just add your options into the comments section below.

Want it all?

Want to be published by HCP Books and be part of the future of this publishing house?

This is the all-in package for you!

You'll not only get all the above, but we'll also do all the Amazon set-up side of things as well (and the other platforms, if that's what you want) and add you to your own page on this website (so you won't need a separate one yourself). You'll still earn the full royalty from your book going forward––we're just here to help you through the complicated set-up process.

In short, all you need to come up with is the story (we're not doing that for you!). But we will do all the rest. We'll be partners in a way. If you want, we could even co-write the book with you.

If you'd like a quote on this bespoke service, get in touch, providing as much information as you can. Subject to availability.