Here at HCP Books, we've developed a keen eye over the years for spotting mistakes (publishing so many books helps massively with this learning). It's also true that an author can't spot all their own mistakes.

That's why an author should never solely edit their own work. We read the line we meant to write, not the line as it is written.

No book is ever perfect (I've spotted mistakes in million-selling copies that have been around for years) but each should be as checked as you are able.

For a simple price, we will read your book on an iPad and highlight anything that we see, whether that's an inconsistency, a typo, or a misplaced word. It's not a full edit, which we cover elsewhere, just a final check that what you have shines as brightly as you intended.

The price per hour is €30.

We would estimate that a full novel (up to 80,000 words) would take 8 hours to check. If you want, we can agree on the price before we start reading. Drop us a line below to get started.