Often, we just need someone to take us under their wing and guide us through the process.

Let HCP Books do that for you!

We're often so brilliant at putting ourselves down, assuming we're the worst at something, the last person who might help––yet, when it comes to writing, I'm told again and again that not everyone knows what I know.

We guess it should be obvious. We've been publishing dozens of books for many years, approaching 2,000,000 words in print and helped several authors along the way. After all this time, surely we should know what we're doing, right? We've even had best-sellers in multiple nations with multiple titles in Crime-Thrillers, no less.

While we won't focus on marketing (we can if that's what you really want to know about) we will offer you everything we know about writing! And, as we reflect, that's quite a lot. This knowledge comes from years of research––listening to podcasts, reading books, investing in courses, using the right software, not to mention writing full-time for years already. We do love to encourage people and help them where we can.

And this is a way that we can help you!

Why choose a one-on-one session?

While group work is helpful (and this is an option we can do, see below for details) there is nothing like getting together with someone further along the road than where you are and getting all the advice you can for the thing you are working on, the thing you are passionate about––in this regard, your writing!

It doesn't matter how far you are along––not yet started, or finished that first draft already––if you want input and you have the time, we can help you.

We can help you write smarter, write quicker and navigate the story that's in your head so that you know the way through on paper! We can help you avoid the same mistakes we did when starting out and give you practices that will improve your writing and get you over the finish line all the way to publication! Skills that you can immediately take into that next book, and the next…

Here's how it works

Our first session is ideally for 90-minutes. If you have written something, we'll spend at least half an hour in the session (or if via Skype, during or before the call) actually reading your story. This will help us understand your project and inform our comments going forward.

Each additional session will be 60-minutes.

These are best spaced out generously––we'll give you homework, things to go away and implement, so having a session every two/three weeks is more than enough, but if you want them more frequently (and can put the work in) then this is, of course, an option!

Our sole aim is to help you any way we can––there are things we don't know, and we'll tell you that. But, on reflection, there are also many things we do know. My debut novel was written over a process of about seven years and even then still needed improvement. My fastest first draft has since been written in just over seven days. I've improved and grown, and so can you.


The 90-minute session is priced at €40
Each additional 60-minute session is then €35

These costs are per person (one-on-one).

Clearly, at the moment, we live in Estonia, so unless you are living in Tallinn, where we would love to conduct these sessions in person, then they have to take place over Skype (or something similar). Did you know Skype was invented by two Estonians?

Group Option

If you have a group of people (numbers don't matter too much) who want to do something together, then get in touch. There is a big advantage in working with others, in that it motivates you to write (as you have that added group dynamic) and you get to learn through the highs and lows of those around you as well. What we mean by this is that even as you listen to us give input on another piece of writing, there will be things that apply to your own work too.

You'll also improve your inner-critic, something you'll need to switch off (at times) when it comes to your own writing, but something that will help you develop as a writer for sure. Listening to other people share their stories––whether good or not so good––will improve your writing as part of the process.

It's just how it works!

If you have a group in mind and want to get in touch about coaching you all together, please drop us a line and give us as much information as possible. We can then give you an idea on the price per person and the schedule of how it will all work.

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