Cover Designs & Ad Copy

All my brilliant cover designs are done by the very talented Taaniel Malleus (a local resident of Tallinn).

I’m delighted to have arranged with him special treatment for authors who come via this website, and therefore share his details here so that you can get in contact with him directly and talk through your desires.

His email address is taanielmalleus (ie no space) at gmail dot com (obviously switch the words in bold with their figurative replacement).

Please quote the subject line: Book Cover Design via Tim Heath so that he knows you’ve come via here––otherwise you might not get heard.

I’ve found that giving Taaniel some general idea about your wishes from the outset is helpful––he’ll then send through some initial ideas. Don’t worry if these aren’t all what you were expecting. Give him feedback. As you can see (I hope) from my covers, we always get there in the end!