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Reflections on 10 years…

It’s been a decade since I released Cherry Picking for the first time.

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The BIG news…

All hope, it seemed, was lost.

Until it wasn’t.

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One Day In Russia…

I have many personal stories from my time living in Russia. I don’t mean the stories that have inspired ten of my nineteen published novels. I mean crazy stuff that I witnessed and which I’ve never included in my books!

Monthly Best-Sellers –– October ’19

A quick update this month. I’m busy writing The Acting President this week, but a change of plans (a three-day trip now needed on Wednesday) has helped me stop for the day and get this update written. It’s the 7th

The End Of #Zoomedia

The date is 20th August 2019. In the week following a significant birthday, I make a significant decision which will positively shape the rest of my years (many decades, God-willing) on planet Earth. I’m coming off all social media channels

Marketing 3.0––The Future of Advertising

Calling all authors! (Updated in May 2021 from the original post in July 2019 due to delays in the app development caused by the COVID-19 pandemic) Do I have a product for you! Looking at it (and if they do


Five principles to help you find contentment in life.

Six Days, Seven Years

The Road To Becoming An International Best-Selling Author

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Thirty-five. 35!

A post celebrating Tim reaching thirty-five unique titles

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1,000,000 words, and counting.

It takes 1,000,000 words to find your voice.

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