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Five principles to help you find contentment in life.

Six Days, Seven Years

The Road To Becoming An International Best-Selling Author

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Thirty-five. 35!

A post celebrating Tim reaching thirty-five unique titles

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1,000,000 words, and counting.

It takes 1,000,000 words to find your voice.

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The Three Types of Reader

One of the things that often gets talked about for authors is this; know your readership. This isn’t going to be a post about that! There is already a lot that has been said on the subject, and much of

How to Best Sell Books

I want to be an advocate for change in the writing world, particularly amongst my fellow independent authors. Not necessarily a change in what we do––though that may come––but in how we think.  Let me explain. Since my revelation back

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How To Train Your Readers––Part 2

This will be a short post, based on something really interesting I heard yesterday, something that adds to my whole #BooksAreNeverFree mindset. If you missed Part 1, you can catch that here. Yesterday I did the school run (as usual)

How To Train Your Readers––Part 1

Welcome back to this evolving mindset. We’re in part one because, well to be honest, this will be an ever-growing knowledge base. As I test and try new things, as well as you, my fellow authors (and readers, if you

24 Hours Later

So, it’s been a day since I put my thoughts down here for the #BooksAreNeverFree post, as well as shared the same to my thousands that were/still are on my mailing list.  I’m still trying to get the hashtag trending.


I’m trying to start a new hashtag–#BooksAreNeverFree  Why do I do this? It’s my belief that as authors we too often undersell ourselves. Yes, at times, we need to make books free. Sometimes we want to. But our audience, our readership,