The 26th Protocol

The latest Tim Heath stand-alone thriller!

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Release Date: 17th February 2021
Publisher: Happy Content publishing

A brilliant and believable dystopia, a 21st-century version of 1984 or Gilead from The Hand Maid’s Tale. 

What if life had a use-by date?

A New World Council runs the planet, a perfect world in their view, where everyone and everything has a time and place––even death.

Through medical advances, most life-threatening diseases have been defeated. Yet underlying the whole system, a human cancer grows.

Blythe Harrell is a man very much on the inside of the system––but the more he sees, the more broken he understands things to be. Yet to challenge anything is to challenge it all. Even his own place at the very top.

When he discovers his wife is expecting, their unborn child carrying one of the last incurable diseases––a death sentence to most––he’s forced to confront the truth about the world around him.