Best-Sellers – Last 90 Days – April 2020

Last 90-days to April 7th, 2020

You might think that the ongoing pandemic, sweeping the world like something out of a dystopian novel, would cause people to spend more time reading. Stuck at home, bored by the endless routine, troubled by the news and with more time to kill than otherwise afforded, the escape of a good book, a gripping story too much to ignore.

You might have thought…

Perhaps people are reading, just not my books. However, some people are (you amazing, wonderful people!) and I know they aren't left disappointed! So, without further ado, here are the best-sellers for the last three months, as well as the most read titles in KU.

These figures are for the dates between January 9th and April 7th, 2020, and the brackets after each book signify the change from last month’s position, a (-) meaning the book is unchanged, and a (++) means it is a new entry into the chart.

Paperback sales or eBook downloads:

1) Those Geese, They Lied; He's Dead (+1)
2) The Song Birds (-1)
3) The Prey (-)
4) The Penn Friends Volume 1 (++)
5) The Pride (+5)
6) The Hunt series Boxset 1 (++)
7) The Poison (+2)
8) The Hunt series Boxset 2 (++)
9) Tim Heath Thriller Collection (-2)

Comment: The top two from last time switched places, my (mostly-permafree) short-story collection entertaining the most in the download chart. All these books are going through a cover makeover at the moment, and I assume this title will also benefit from one too; but for the time being, here it is one last time.

Congratulations to the winner!

KENP Chart:

1) Tim Heath Thriller Collection (-)
2) The Prey (-)
3) The Machine (++)
4) The Poison (+1)
5) The Pride (-1)
6) The Song Birds (++)

Comment: Still it stays at the top, unchallenged really, so far ahead of second place. Perhaps its length, the fact it is four books in one, and these standalone, means it will always be popular in the Kindle Unlimited chart? Again, with its current title showing for perhaps the last time, here is the winner once more.

My most-read title in KU in the last 90 days

Charts by country:

1) Estonia (-)
2) USA (-)
3) Canada (++)
4) Netherlands (+1)
5) UK (-2)
6) Australia (-2)

1) UK (-)
2) Australia (++)
3) USA (-1)
4) Canada (-1)

Well, that's it for this update. What a crazy time it's been for us all since the last one and not even that. This last month alone! I've got four books written and waiting to come out, the first of these and perhaps the second released by summer this year. I still can't believe that, despite its small size, people living in Estonia have once again proved that size doesn't matter as the country comes out on top again in the sales chart! Vaga hea Eesti!